Karate Amateur: 9th Dan.
Lyonnais Cups and Championships: 20 titles.
Cups and Chpt de France: 17 Titles
International Cups: 3 Titles. Cannes, London and Rome.
European Chpts: 10
World Cuptitles: 1 New York title in 1969
World Championships: 3rd place Osaka / 3rd place Tokyo in 1970, 1st in 1972 Paris.

Full Contact – Kick Boxing: 9th Degree
4 titles of European Champions of Full contact in light heavy 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980.
2 titles of vice World Champions in light heavy 1978 and 1981
Member of the Memphis Pro Team Tennessee. 1975 and 1976.

Total Karate and Full Contact of 701 fights including 17 defeats and 10 draws.

Founding member of WAKO Pro. World All Style Karate Organization.
Founding member of the 1st National Full Contact Committee in France.
Founding member of the FNBA then FFBA then FUBADA, then FFBA, then FFKBFCDA.
Founding member of KARATE CONTACT within FFKAMA.
Technical Manager of Karate Contact within the FFKarate.
Expert under contract with the FFKarate since January 2001.
Member of the Commission des Hauts Gradés.